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Agworld Support

Contacting Agworld's Customer Success team is easy

We're here to help and our support and training is completely free.

If you have any questions, need help or would like to book a training session you can get in touch with us by any of the following:

On your device and want to ask us a question? Simply tap Agworld Support in the Agworld menu.


On our website and would like to chat with us? Simply tap on this icon found in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen:


You can also send us an email at or give us a call on (08) 6230 2290.

Creating a Job Record

Creating your job records is quick and easy in Agworld

Recording your jobs in the field is quick and easy on Agworld. Every job recorded lets you and your team see the information that you need to know. 

Here's how you can record your jobs:

  1. Go to the Maps tab
  2. Tap on a paddock
  3. Tap on "Jobs" at the bottom of the menu
  4. Tap "Create New" and then tap "Actual" as its for a job you've actually done
  5. Fill out all relevant information on the job done. We recommend you fill out the following:
    1. The job's name
    2. The date the job was started and completed on
    3. The paddocks this job was done on
    4. Any pests that this job addressed
    5. The inputs used and the operations done
    6. The application details, including if this job was a dry or a wet application
  6. Once done tap "Save", review the job and if it looks correct tap "Submit"

Creating a New Season

Creating a New Season

It’s easy to add a new season into Agworld. To get started, log into the Agworld website and go to the Maps tab. On the Maps page there should be a + button next to the season’s name in the top-left hand corner. Clicking on the plus will let you create a new season.


Deleting a Paddock

How to Delete a Paddock

Deleting a paddock is easy in Agworld. To get started, log into the Agworld website and go to the Maps tab. Next, click on the down arrow next to the name of the paddock you’d like to delete and then select ‘Delete Paddock’.

Please note that a paddock can only be deleted if there are no activities or plans from any season recorded against that paddock. This ensures that no historical data is lost from your Agworld account.


Discarding Jobs

Discarding Jobs from the Todo menu

Do you have planned jobs in your Todo list that are no longer relevant to this season? You can discard them from Agworld with a simple tap so that they no longer clog up your todo list.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Todo tab tap on the job you’d like to discard

  2. At the bottom of the menu tap on “Discard Job”

  3. Confirm that you’d like to discard the job by tapping “Discard”


Find and Replace Products or Operations Used

Updating your records is easy

Are you nearing the end of the season and need to update your records to reflect what products or operations were actually used and not what you had planned on using? The Find & Replace tool is just the tool you need.

The Find & Replace tool is used to update 1 specific operation or product across an entire season, allowing you to easily switch out the product you planned on using with the product you actually used. To use the tool you'll first need to log into the Agworld Website and then click on "Find & Replace" under the Planning tab.


Here's how you can use the tool:

  1. Select Operation or Product
  2. Select the Operation or the Product you want to change
  3. Click Search
  4. Select the activities you want to update or bulk select with the top checkbox
  5. Click create modification rule
  6. Click on Preview, review the change and then click Apply

If successful you will get the following message:


Map Annotations

Jobs are easier with an annotated farm map

Jobs aren’t all the same: that’s why tricky jobs become a lot easier with an annotated farm map.

Map annotations lets you reference and distinguish key areas on your farm map when creating, editing or assigning jobs. Your jobs will be more effective as you’ll be able to show just where the issue is on your farm map by being able to draw and add descriptive text with multiple colours. They are simple to do on your device and can be created in a moment when recording or assigning jobs.


Adding a map annotation is simple:

  1. When creating, editing or assigning a job, scroll to “Photo Attachments”

  2. Under Photo Attachments, tap “Add map annotation”

  3. Pinch and zoom the map into it’s best position and tap “Next”

  4. Simply add text, draw, and highlight areas of importance usings the tools on the right

  5. Finally, tap “Save as an attachment”

Paddock Insights

Insights into your farm's productivity

Have you ever been in the field and needed to know how much you’re planning to spend or have spent across your entire farm but don’t have the time to collate all your farm records and create multiple reports? Or wanted everyone to see current withholding periods from a farm map?

Paddock Insights provide additional layers of agronomic and paddock performance information to your farm map. See each paddock’s yield data, total cost to date, the number of jobs due for the week and your planned or actual gross margins without ever leaving the maps page.


Using Paddock Insights is easy:

  1. Open up Agworld for iPad or iPhone and go to the Maps tab

  2. Tap on the Insights icon in the top right hand corner

  3. Tap on the information you’d like to see


To turn off Paddock Insights simply tap on Paddock Insights and tap “Turn off Paddock Insights”

Paddock Labels

Adding Paddock Labels to your farm map

Wanting to see the crop and variety grown in each paddock from your farm map? Easy, just use our Paddock Labels tool. 

Paddock Labels allow you to specify what information about your paddocks is shown on your farm map screen. 

Using the tool is easy:

  1. On the iPad or the iPhone Agworld app tap on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand side corner of the maps screen
  2. Tap 'Paddock Labels'
  3. In the right-hand side menu select which Paddock Labels you'll want to see
  4. Tap save

Now you'll be able to show what is grown across your paddocks easily in a few taps. You can easily turn off  Paddock Labels from the same menu by tapping "Off" and then saving. 


Paddock Snapshot

Your paddocks' agronomic and financial information at a glance

Want to have a thorough understanding of how a paddock’s performing, both agronomically and financially, to make vital decisions without having to first wade through all your reports? 

Paddock Snapshot provides you an in-depth view of vital agronomic and financial information at the paddock level. You can quickly see your applied and planned NPKS, applied herbicide groups, current withholding periods, recorded rainfall, cost to date for seed, fertiliser, pesticides, operations, gross margin and paddock rotation information. Now you’ll know exactly how much you're spending on your inputs and operations or how much fertiliser you’ve applied to a paddock without having to do more than tap a screen.


Using Paddock Snapshot is easy:

  1. Open up Agworld for iPad or iPhone and go to the Maps tab

  2. Tap on a paddock

  3. Tap on “Snapshot” at the bottom of the paddock menu

  4. Tap “Agronomic” or “Financials” to see the related information


From the Snapshot tool you’ll also be able to record your properties rainfall, harvested yield and edit the paddock’s boundary.

Planning for Farmers

Agworld's Planning Tool

Creating plans for the upcoming season but also want to plan the next three lots of crop rotations while you're at it?

Agworld’s Planning tool enables you to plan in-depth seasons quickly and easily. There are no limits to the amount of future seasons that you can plan; you can change your existing plans on the fly as conditions change; and you’ll be able to create your plans directly with your Agronomist on the one platform.

Agworld’s planning tool is easy to use and is broken down into three interconnected steps:

1 - Creating crop and activity templates

2 - Creating future seasons

3 - Apply the created templates onto each paddock in each season


The Agworld Farmer Plus subscription will give you access to the Agworld Planning tool. You can upgrade your subscription with Agworld by clicking here and then clicking “Manage Subscriptions”  or you can give our Customer Success team a call on (08) 6230 2290 to see if the Planning tool is the right fit for your operation.

Planning for Agronomists - Multiple Seasons

Creating multiple seasons when planning

Are you currently planning your clients’ seasons but are sick of having to create each season, one click at time?

Agworld allows you to create seasons 5 years at a time when creating season plans for your clients. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the drop down menu next to your client’s name

  2. Click “Edit Client’s Details”

  3. Scroll down to “Agworld Settings” and click on the tick box next to “Automatic Seasons: Turn this setting on to automatically create one season per calendar year.”

  4. Click “Save This Company”


Now you’ll be able to create seasons 5 years in advance when creating season plans for your clients.

Want to create plans for your clients but are on an Agronomist Mobile subscription? You can upgrade your subscription with Agworld by clicking here and then clicking “Manage Subscriptions,” or you can give our Customer Success team a call on (08)  6230 2290 to see if the Planning tool is the right fit for your operation.


Dropping pins on your farm map

Out in the field and see a huge rock that needs to be removed, or a patch of weeds you want to keep an eye on? Simply drop a pin on it from your farm map.

Pins help you keep track of specific locations and mark areas of significance. They can be used to mark anything of importance on your farm map: hazards, weeds and pests, silos and more. Anyone who is connected to your Agworld account will have instant visibility on where the pin is located and can add notes to the pin so everyone is on the same page.

Dropping pins is easy:

  • Go to the Maps tab
  • Tap and hold down on where you'd like to place the pin
  • Name the pin and select the pin type
  • Tap done

Managing your pins is easy with the Pin menu

  • On the Maps tab tap List on the left hand-side of the screen
  • Tap Pins at the bottom of the menu

Holding down on the maps screen to drop a pin but it's saying current location instead? Your location services are currently active. If you tap on the Pins tab you'll be able to create new pins.

Rainfall - Recording Rainfall

You can record your rainfall in Agworld on the Agworld iPad and iPhone apps. Recording your rainfall can be done in one of two ways:


From the Rainfall Tab:

  1. From the Agworld menu tap “Rainfall”.

  2. Select a property.

  3. Tap “+ New Reading”.

  4. Input your rainfall and click “Save”.


From the Map Tab:

  1. From the Agworld menu tap “Map”.

  2. Tap on a paddock.

  3. From the righthand menu tap “Snapshot” .

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap “Rainfall”

  5. Tap “+ New Reading”.

  6. Input your rainfall and click “Save”.

Rainfall - Sharing

Reviewing the rainfall readings around your property

Reviewing the rainfall readings around your property is easy. Simply opt-in to sharing your rainfall by swiping "Share your readings" in the rainfall tab and then tap on a pin on the map or select a location from the rainfall menu. You'll then be able to review that location's rainfall readings. 

Pins and locations are colour coded:

  • Blue signifies your properties
  • Green signifies BOM's rainfall records
  • Teal signifies your neighbours' rainfall readings
  • Grey signifies a property which hasn't yet opted-in to sharing their rainfall records


Opting-in to sharing your rainfall



Opting-out of sharing your rainfall

Opting-in to sharing your rainfall readings is easy:

  1. Select "Rainfall" from the Agworld menu
  2. Select a property
  3. Swipe "Share your readings" to the right




You can opt-out of sharing your rainfall at any time. However, if you do opt-out you'll no longer be able to review the rainfall records around you, including BOM's. Here's how:

  1. Select "Rainfall" from the Agworld menu
  2. Select a property
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu
  4. Swipe "Share your readings" to the left

Reviewing Recommendations

Reviewing Recommendations in the field

Ever been in the field and needed to review your Agronomist's complete recommendation but been out of range? Or wanted to record how you actioned your Agronomist's advice there and then but have been out of mobile coverage?

Agworld on the iPad and iPhone allows you to review and record how you actioned your Agronomist's recommendations even when you are out of mobile coverage. All you need to do is make sure you and your Agronomist are connected on Agworld and that you sync your device before going out into the field. You'll then be able to review your Agronomist's recommendations and record how you actioned them when out in the field. As soon as you are in coverage Agworld will let your Agronomist know that you've actioned their recommendations and how you've actioned them. 


Receiving recommendations from your Agronomist via email but aren't connected to them on Agworld? Simply have your Agronomist provide you with an Access Code and log into Agworld on the iPad or iPhone

Are both you and your Agronomist using Agworld but aren't connected? Give our Customer Success team a call on (08) 6230 2290.

The Agworld Library

Viewing Product Labels, MSDS and Resarch Documents in Agworld - even when you're offline!

About to create a job or action a recommendation and need to know a products withholding period or check a rate? The Agworld app automatically downloads any library information relevant to your farm so you can always view your MSDS and Product Labels - even when you don’t have internet connectivity!

Here’s how when viewing a job:

  1. Tap on the job and then tap View

  2. Tap on the i next to the product you’d like to review

  3. Tap on the product label or MSDS you’d like to review

Here’s how when creating or editing a job:

  1. Select the input

  2. Tap “More information” at the bottom of the input screen

  3. Tap on the product label or MSDS you’d like to review

Here’s how to access the Agworld Library:

  1. Tap “Library” from the green main menu

  2. Tap the area you want to search: Products, Active Ingredients, Crops, Pests

  3. Search the library and select the correct item

You can still view library information that is not relevant to your account (i.e. inputs not on jobs or in price management) by simply tapping on the (+) Plus icon for the Product Label or MSDS - this will download the document to your device.

Select all Paddocks in a Property

When you're creating an activity for all paddocks in a property, you don't need to select all of the paddocks individually. Simply tap the green tick icon next to the property name and it will automatically select all paddocks in that property. It's just one more way that Agworld keeps you moving in the field.