Plan and Budget

The Agworld Planning Tool

The Agworld planning tool is split into 3 steps:

1. Create Activity Templates

2. Create Crop Templates and add Activity Templates

3. Add Crop Templates to paddocks- this can be done from the website or from the Agworld iPad app

Step 1: create activity templates

The first step of planning is to create activity templates. These templates are the activities that you're planning to carry out in order to grow the crop. For example you could create a 'Knockdown' activity template, or a 'Pre emergent spray' activity template. It is best to keep these templates fairly generic so you can use them across different crops and paddocks.

Step 2: create crop templates

Step 3: apply crop templates to paddocks

How to create basic crop rotations

How to add a paddock plan from the iPad app

Once you have created crop templates, you can add these to paddocks directly from your iPad app. This means that you can add a plan to a paddock all while offline! When you next sync, this plan will be transferred to the website and available on the rest of the Agworld system.

How to create a new season

Seasons can be created in the Farm Planning page on the Agworld website. Hover over the Planning tab and select Farm Planning. From there, select the green plus button at the top of the page to create a new season. Enter in the name and the start and end dates for the season, then select Save

Price list page overview

How to refresh your pricing

You can refresh your pricing from any of the following pages:

  • Farm planning
  • Crop templates
  • Activities