Farm Maps

Adding your first property on Agworld

Setting up farm maps

To access your farm maps, hover over the Maps tab and select Farm Maps

To create a new property select New Property on the left hand side of the screen. This will ask you to enter in a name for the property- do this and then select Save.

Hover over the property from the left hand side of the screen that you wish to view and select View. Once opened you can edit and add paddocks to that property.

To add a new paddock to this property, select the New Paddock option on the left hand side of the screen.

You will now be asked to map the paddock, so on the map, draw a line around the paddocks boundary by clicking on the map. Clicking the first point again completes the boundary. You will then be prompted to give the paddock and name and save.

Select Escape on your keyboard to cancel the boundary.

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Importing shapefiles

Shapefiles (.shp, .shx, .prj & .dbf) can be imported into the Agworld system from your Agworld web account. Hover over the My Business tab and select Import Data.

From the Import Data page, select the Import button then Import Shapefile Data.

Select the company that you are importing the data for from the drop down menu.

Next, select Choose File and add the relevant file type to upload.


You need all four file types to import (shp, shx, prj and dbf)

Select Upload.

Once the files have been uploaded, they will automatically parse. When the Shapefile Import says it has been Parsed you will need to verify the files.

To do this, hover your mouse over the Shapefile Import box and select Verify from the options that appear.

When verifying the import, the paddocks listed on the right column are the paddocks from the shapefiles and the area is displayed in the middle column.

The last column lists the Agworld Paddocks. By leaving the drop down menu blank (new), the paddocks from the shapefiles will be created in Agworld.

You are able to select paddocks that are already in Agworld in the drop down list and match them to the paddocks from the shapefile, as seen above. This will merge the existing Agworld paddock with the paddock from the shapefile.

Once you have verified the list, select Import.

HINT: Save Draft can be selected to save the import and return later to finish it off. Reparse will parse the files again.

When the files have been imported, you will be taken back to the Data Importing page where the Import should now say Imported.

These paddocks will now be on Agworld!

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Exporting Farm & Paddock Maps from Agworld

It’s easy to export your paddock boundaries from Agworld as a shape file or KML. To get started, log into the Agworld website and go to the Maps tab. From here, you can export boundaries for the entire company, individual properties or for a specific paddock, as shown below. 

Export all paddock boundaries for the company:



Export all paddock boundaries for a property:



Export an individual paddock boundary: