Getting Started

How to add connections

Adding your first property on Agworld

Getting Started: iPad

Setting up farm maps

To access your farm maps, hover over the Maps tab and select Farm Maps

To create a new property select New Property on the left hand side of the screen. This will ask you to enter in a name for the property- do this and then select Save.

Hover over the property from the left hand side of the screen that you wish to view and select View. Once opened you can edit and add paddocks to that property.

To add a new paddock to this property, select the New Paddock option on the left hand side of the screen.

You will now be asked to map the paddock, so on the map, draw a line around the paddocks boundary by clicking on the map. Clicking the first point again completes the boundary. You will then be prompted to give the paddock and name and save.

Select Escape on your keyboard to cancel the boundary.

How to map on the iPad

How to review your clients' and BOM's rainfall records

Reviewing your clients' and BOM's rainfall readings is quick and easy on Agworld:

  1. Select "Rainfall" from the Agworld menu
  2. Select a client's property or a BOM weather station from the Rainfall menu or tap on a pin on the map
  3. Review the rainfall readings in the right-hand side menu

 To make reviewing rainfall readings simple we've colour coded pins and locations:

  • Blue signifies your selected client's properties
  • Teal signifies your unselected clients' properties
  • Grey signifies clients which have not yet shared their rainfall records
  • Green signifies BOM's weather stations

Can't see a client's rainfall? Your clients must first opt-in to sharing their rainfall records before you can review them. Having your clients opt-in to sharing their rainfall is easy:

  1. Select "Rainfall" from the Agworld menu
  2. Select a property
  3. Swipe "Share your readings"


Your clients' simply need to swipe "Share your readings" to start sharing their rainfall

Adding a logo and disclaimer to your Agworld account

How to generate access codes for your farmer clients


Generating Access Codes

Access Codes allow you to share the the account you have created for your farmer with your farmer. Here's how you can generate an access code:

  1. Log in to the Agworld website.  

  2. Type your client’s name in the search bar found on the top right hand corner of the screen.

  3. Select the client, this will take you to the client’s user details page.

  4. Scroll to the “Mobile Access Codes” section and click on “Generate Access Code”.

  5. A unique 12 character Access Code will be generated and will appear in the "Mobile Access Codes" section.
  6. Have your client download the iPad or iPhone app and enter their Access Code in the "Access Your Account" link on the login screen. 

Access codes will not be visible to you if you do not have external admin rights for the farm account.


Entering an access code into the Agworld for iPad app as a farmer